To Orpheus and e. e., thank you

My good pal Orpheus, aka Jx from Perspicacity, has a rather spiffing podcast on his blog.

It’s excellent stuff, includes some great music and a quote from your very own Evil Minx (*preen*) regarding genetic flaws. It also includes a recording he made of an excellent poem by the marvelous e. e. cummings.

I’m going to take all kinds of liberties here and again ask you to forgive my lack of creativity in posting someone else’s words instead of my own, but this poem is so damn sexy, it has to be shared. And to those who knew it already… just sit back, enjoy and re-live the magic.

may I feel said he, by e. e. cummings

may I feel said he
(I’ll squeal said she
just once said he)
it’s fun said she

(may I touch said he
how much said she
a lot said he)
why not said she

(let’s go said he
not too far said she
what’s too far said he
where you are said she)

may I stay said he
(which way said she
like this said he
if you kiss said she
may I move said he
is it love said she)

if you’re willing said he
(but you’re killing said she
but it’s life said he
but your wife said she

now said he)
ow said she
(tiptop said he
don’t stop said she
oh no said he)
go slow said she

(cccome? said he
ummm said she)

you’re divine! said he

(you are Mine said she)

To my he .. from divine she

Evil and poetry-appreciating Minxxx


9 Responses to “To Orpheus and e. e., thank you”

  1. oh my!

    You humble me! Glad you enjoyed it…

  2. wow! very nice! good, uh, flow to it πŸ™‚

  3. zazzafooky Says:

    who knew? the minxy loves the rhymes! πŸ™‚ excellent.

  4. Evil Minx Says:

    Why thank you, minx-people… glad you liked it.

    The minx loves you all…! *sweeping hand gestures*

    (And is slightly looped. Again.)


  5. Jennifer Says:

    E. E. Cummings is one of my favorites. I applaud your lack of creativity in order to feature a very great poet. πŸ˜›

  6. The Corporal Says:

    I don’t believe that there was a lack of creativity, just a need to say things that were best expressed (or already so) by another creative mind.

    No need to apologize. We all love you anyway.

  7. Evil Minx Says:

    Jennifer – your validation is much appreciated. That’s exactly how I felt.

    And Meestair Bernd – what can I say? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And the heart of my bottom.


  8. ‘The heart of my bottom!!’
    I love it.

  9. Minxstress…. please explain ‘am all rainforest’ heh heh…

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