What you want…

From under my hooded eyelids I can see you. Out of the corner of my eye, standing there, as if you didn’t have a care in the world.

But you do. I know you do.

You may be dressed for work, but your head is in the clouds. Your face looks professional and interested in what the client is saying to you, but it masks the reality of what’s really going on.

You want to be somewhere else. You want to be with someone else.

You want to be with me.

You want me to trace my fingers gently over your shoulders, up into your hair and down the side of your face. To pull your face slowly toward mine. To kiss you, feather-like, tiny butterfly kisses, all over your face and neck until I reach your lips with mine. To kiss you full on your mouth, passionately, slowly, deep and intense, drawing you down within me, into my soul.

You want me to hold you in my arms as we kiss for what seems like forever. To slowly pull you down next to me, to lay down on the grass. We’re in a park, and while the birdsong is only punctuated by the distant sounds of traffic, there’s no other sound. Other than the sound of my breath near your ear, and our two hearts beating faster and faster.

You want me to slide my hands up under your shirt, and slowly ease it off you. To again have my fingers trace over the tattoo on your shoulder, as we continue kissing passionately. To run my fingernails down your back, and slowly up the side of your torso, watching you squirm and giggle as I reach the sensitive areas under your arms. You want to pull me closer, and unbutton my blouse, revealing to the various flora and fauna around us the beauty and splendor of my breasts, which you want to nibble and suck, kiss and nip, nuzzling and loving and gently biting on my nipples. And you do. Oh god…

You want me to slide my hands down your chest, softly grazing your nipples with my nails. To hear you gasp as I do, and then sigh as I bend my head to your chest and begin to bite you on your nipples, causing you to throw your head back in ecstasy and moan gently. For me to continue my progress with my mouth, and simultaneously move my hands down further, and undo your belt, and then your fly, with care and patience and agonizing lack of speed.

You want me to fondle you gently, then harder and harder. To caress your balls in one hand, while making an “O” with the thumb and middle finger of the other and slide it over the top of your upstanding cock, and start an up-down motion. To moan regretfully as my mouth leaves your rock-hard nipples only to sigh in ecstasy as it travels south, kissing your chest and torso wherever it can, until it reaches the apex, and begins to lap hungrily at you.

You want me to lick and caress your balls with my tongue, teasing you as I do one and then the other. You want to cry out “Do them both, darling, put them both in, please…” but you know that if you do, I will deliberately not do it. I am your absolute, your one and only, and I do not take orders. Nor do I like to be rushed. You know that I will eventually take both balls in my mouth and tongue them and caress them and gently bite them until they start to stiffen and swell. And then you know what will happen next.

I start licking my way up your shaft, slowly but surely, biting down hard every so often, to hear you gasp with delicious pleasure. Until I reach the head, and encircle it with my tongue, although I make you wait before I take it all in my mouth. And then, when you think you’ll explode if I don’t, I finally cover the head with my whole mouth, teasing the rim with my teeth and my tongue, sucking hard for a moment before taking your whole cock in my mouth and deep, deep into my throat.

Your hands are roaming my body, until they finally settle just above where I want them, need them, desire them to be. You prove that I’m not the only tease present, as you tickle and stroke around the entrance to my inner core, the pink folds that I yearn for you to part and enter. You finally do part them, and reach inside me, gently finding my hard, pink rosebud of a clit, which responds to your touch willingly and eagerly. You stroke in a rhythm of your own devising that is so compatible with mine, and I respond with my whole being, feeling the waves of arousal wash over me. I feel your mouth join in and involuntarily gasp as the warmth of your lips touches my cooler flesh, and then you find my ultimate spot and I almost forget what I’m doing to you… Have mercy!

I realise where I am and continue. I suck on your shaft, and bite down again, only to move up and continue to concentrate on your head again. Involuntary noises escape you as I continue to tease with my teeth around the rim. I can taste your pre-cum as it flows, and I delight in swallowing all you have to offer. I repeat the deep throat action then release and tease, deep throat, release and tease. You are as hard as you have ever been and are responding with your body and mind, and I can feel your love and desire for me. My fingers curled softly around your balls can feel them coming up to meet your shaft, and I know you are ready.

I too am nearing my peak. Your fingers have been relentless while your mouth continues to kiss my body wherever you’ve found an available piece of skin. I begin to quiver, and shake as a orgasm rips through me like a thunderbolt, at the same time feeling my mouth fill with your cum which I eagerly swallow. I feel another orgasm, and then another as you unselfishly continue to pleasure me, until you finally stop, and we both lie back, spent, ecstatic and exhilarated. Wordlessly, we maneuver ourselves into a position where we are holding each other close, silent and happy, exhausted but fulfilled.

Lovers, in every sense of the word.

At least that’s what you want to happen.

But for now, you must meet with a client. So off you go.

Don’t let it distract you. Too much.

Until such time…



21 Responses to “What you want…”

  1. Yum! I’ve never heard of a man who doesn’t love a good, slightly aggressive, bj. Great descriptions Minx!

  2. Oh my… my, my, my…

    Goodness… between you — my Evil Minx, [jx] and O, I’m floating around in a constant state of orgasmic bliss.

    Lovely… truely lovely…

    Mmm… thank you.

  3. Evil Minx Says:

    oh my god… i am not worthy…

    i’m so touched, Layne and SD.

    Compliments received at the feet of two of the goddesses of erotic blog writing – not porn, erotica.


  4. Wicked, wicked Minx! No wonder you are adored!

  5. *cold shower*

    *ice cubes*

    *climbs into freezer*



  6. Wendy the Cavewyfe Says:

    You are one saucey little minx today. 🙂

  7. Wow. Ok, 54 days without sex, and I really, really cannot come back to read you until it’s safe to do so 🙂

    Very hot post, Your Royal Minxiness!

  8. Oh. That sent chills right down my spine to my… uh…

    anyway, very very nice Minx!!!

  9. Londinium Says:

    ….and the boardroom table was somehow three inches higher than it used to be……


  10. The Corporal Says:

    While I did enjoy this post as much as I enjoy everything you write – I can tell you that I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as gtv.

    Amazing, but – WOW. gtv should wait until his wife isn’t home before he comes back. (Or, he needs to sit on his hands, and use his chin to control the mouse…)

  11. Evil Minx Says:

    007 – LOL! As always, the perfect comment…!

    Vairy eenteresting, Meestair Bernd…


  12. Wow. YOu make me want to experience your tongue!

  13. I have much to catch up on…

  14. Evil Minx Says:

    Jade – never say never babe…!

    And [Jx], how delightful to hear from you again, you have been missed…


  15. I do believe you have been bless’d ms. minx

  16. I am home now… and there is much to talk about…

  17. Evil Minx Says:

    Brad – Thank you… I am a very honoured Minx… icon will be proudly displayed in a short while.

    [Jx] – Too damn right there is. Checking out some historical postings as I type. Am most happy to know you…

  18. Minx – it’s a little scary when someone figures me out that quickly, lol…

  19. W. S. Cross Says:

    Very nicely done. What a lovely tease!

  20. Jim Crall Says:

    Are you 100% sure he likes his cock being bit? I’ve had my cock bit, and didn’t like it one bit. You might want to make sure. Other than that, very hot post.

  21. Evil Minx Says:

    Jim, Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

    Am i “100% sure he likes his cock being bit?”

    Yes, I’m sure. He begged and pleaded me to, as I was a bit hesitant at first. And being the ever obliging Minx that I am, I did. And he loved it.

    It’s not to “bite lumps out of”, or to draw blood, or anything to cause him pain and the possibility of losing his manhood (heaven forbid! what would I do?). It’s much more a firm but gentle bite all around the shaft, just to remind him where he is, and with whom. And what’s yet to come, of course.

    Namely him.


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