1002 readers and some unabashed plugging

At time of writing, I’ve had my first ton and then a couple.

Yes! 1002 people have read the Evil Minx’s emergence on the other side, and I love them all intimately. Or would do, given half the chance. Hey – I’m the Minx that keeps on giving…

It is also my good pal LingLing’s birthday today, and here at the Mansion of Minx, we would like to do a celebratory lapdance in her honour. I encourage you to go and read her fantabulous blog… Never a dull moment over at Large Marge, that I can promise you.

In fact, I am blessed with some wonderful blog friends. I link to all of them, and I recommend all of them very highly.

Yes! The Evil Minx is slightly looped. The beverage of choice this evening has been single malt on ice, with an anti-purist mixer of diet cola.

[And if there are any whisky purists out there, before you rise up and revolt against me for performing such a sacrilegious act with whisky, can I cordially invite you to get down on all fours and bite me? If you want sacrilegious, tune in when I write some more erotica… Watch this space, Minxy regulars, it will happen eventually.]

Said single malt has become more effective as the evening has progressed. Wazzed is a good word, and can be used in such circumstances… Actually – should.

I want to thank all of you for stopping by. Go read my links. These people are all extremely entertaining reads, and most of them have the good taste to link to the Minx.

Weaving a bit towards the finish line, and signing off for now…



6 Responses to “1002 readers and some unabashed plugging”

  1. *laughing*
    I loved the weaving toward the finishing line….


  2. Ah, you’re such a delight. Congrats on the 1000 + visitors. And Happy Birthday LingLing 😉


  3. LingLing Says:

    thanks babe!!
    and thanks SD and minerva for bday wishes too, im touched!
    Now I’m off…margarita-time, baby!

  4. Evil Minx Says:

    Ah, I see the *thing* of Minx is alive and well still. The Minx is pleased.

    SD and Minerva: you are true Minxes. You make me proud..

    And Lingalingalulu: without you there would be no *thing* of Minx, so have a margarita for me.

    (But please do it quietly, am a bit fragile…)

    But hey – it was an excellent malt. And shit happens. It’s all part of the Emergence…


  5. Miss Krys Says:

    Happy Birthday Ling, even though I do not know you. Congrats on the 100+ that’s always exciting. sidebar– a ton = 2000 just for future reference [winks].

  6. Evil Minx Says:

    welcome Miss Krys…

    and not in Britain it isn’t. A ton is 1000… but thanks anyway.

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