Intrusion of the real world

It’s been almost a week, and the Minx has been conspicuous by her absence.

The real world has had the temerity to intrude upon my personal space. The bastard.

I have been forced by circumstances beyond my control to, albeit temporarily, abandon blogging in favour of (gasp!) actual human interaction. Ugh. Feh.

However, now I’m back. The next few days promise more of the same, I’m sorry to say, but status quo will be eventually returned to my 24*7 blogging existence. Damn you work, family, commitments…

It does bear mentioning how much of a release – and a relief if it comes to that – this brings me. The freedom to air my feelings and views, unadulterated and unadorned, with no fear of hurting anyone else, is a sheer delight and pleasure. The catharsis achieved by expressing myself on these pages is an essential part of my very being, not to mention my sanity. [Particularly bearing in mind the total hell of my current existence. Still, only 30 more days and I’m away on vacation. Yippee! *Happy dance*]

It strikes me as odd that I’m so attached to this journal. Odd in a good way, but odd nonetheless. Jx has a point when he refers to bloggers as a bunch of fucking narcissists. Totally.

Anyway, this has been a blip on the radar of the regular EM transmissions. Just to let y’all know I’m still alive, really. And I’ll be back.

Once the real world takes the hint and pisses off for good…



11 Responses to “Intrusion of the real world”

  1. Awww… babe… I didn’t mean you…!

    You know that!


  2. Hey Minx – glad to hear you are still alive….


    While we hurt, we feel….

  3. Welcome back my Mistress of Evil Minxiosity. You were missed.

    Love me, SD, a mere minion 😉

  4. Evil Minx Says:

    Jx – you are fast becoming one of my favourite people ever…

    Minerva – thanks again for the inspiration…

    SD – I’m not worthy…!


  5. That’s so sweet!

    Thank you!

  6. EM, headed anywhere fun for your holiday?

  7. Evil Minx Says:

    Just back to Blighty for a couple of weeks… I have a wedding to attend, a couple of what promise to be most fortuitous meetings to conduct and some serious fun to have. And blogging… report-backs more or less on the spot, as they happen. No promises on that last one, mind you

  8. Wendy the Cavewyfe Says:

    You mean _this_ isn’t the real world?

    You’ve frightened Baby Minx.

    Next you’ll be telling me all these nutty children running around are mine….

    Ha ha ha. Can’t fool me.

  9. Evil Minx Says:

    Baby Minx, chill.

    There is no real world. There is only misconception… (Which might explain all those “kids”)


  10. LingLing Says:

    Minxxxy, I luv ya!

  11. Welcome back Ms. Minx, hope the real world was good to you!

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