Minx on inner strength and poetry

I wrote the below last week, but thought I’d spread enough doom and gloom for the while so didn’t post it. Am currently being tossed on the horns of marital dilemma, and dealing with every kind of therapy under the sun.

So it is a therapy-junkie-minx who publishes this poem, but don’t worry – I’m actually feeling rather good. Taking my life in both hands, and dealing with long-neglected issues. It’s energising, and enlightening. I’ve started a ball rolling that has been idle too long, and should have been heading for Indy years ago.

But how empowering to know that i had such courage. I am proud of myself, especially my inner Minx.

And now, a Minxy and poetic moment…

Memories bittersweet

Your face as it laughed
The soft wave of your hair
How you pretended to concentrate
In reality, dreaming of heaven

Your kind, beguiling smile
Your soft, warm skin
Our suitability together
How each completed the other

Your breath on my neck
Your hands on my heart
My legs wrapped around you
Our impeccable rhythm

The false prophet within you
The shock of the pain
The earthquake that rocked me
And shook me to my core

The calm of acceptance
The banishment of bitterness
The sweetness of closure
New strength grows within

But, oh… the sweet sound of your voice.

© Copyright Evil Minx 2005
All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without permission (but I’ll probably give you permission if you ask me nicely).


5 Responses to “Minx on inner strength and poetry”

  1. evil minx, FYI I have been to your blog in the past, I am a fan of ochemma you know…

  2. Minxy one, I’m always a fan of poetry, and the darked the better. I have a philosophy that light and lovely poems are fine, but true beauty is in the darker verses because they are born of the intense emotions….pain, betrayal, longing. Nicely done!

  3. Evil Minx Says:

    Brad, I am honoured that you should visit… am hoping for one of those nifty icons… i am a covetous minx… Pope Lingaling has blessed me.

    Pink, thank you very much. I admire your writing enormously, as you know, so a compliment from you means a great deal to me. *Warm fuzzy moment*

  4. ms. minx, do tell, which button would you like…

  5. Evil Minx Says:

    Oh Brad, you tease. As if you didn’t know.

    If i’m worthy of, and am awarded a “Blessed by Blogg’d” button, the Evil Minx will be Ecstatic Minx. Not forever, you can’t keep good evil down. But for this evening? Soitinly.


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