An essential reminder of what you have lost…

We’ve spoken several times now, and you know how I feel. What’s new is that I now know how you feel. Prior to TITW (see posts passim), i knew how you felt. Then it was as if the rug had been pulled out from under me, and everything went topsy turvy.

Then – finally – you get up the guts to talk to me again. And you explain yourself. And, oddly enough, i understand where you’re coming from much more than i should. I can’t stop myself from talking to you, you’re like a drug and i’m the fix-hungry junkie. But I can stop you from ever having me, in body, heart, soul and spirit again.

And this post will serve as a reminder of what you’re missing out on…

Remember the way my soft lips touched yours, commanding you to lie back and let them kiss your face, your neck, your nose, your ears. Remember the way you kissed me back, hungrily consuming me, as i surrendered myself to you completely.

Remember the way i made you involuntarily shiver by running my hand across your thigh, even in the most inocuous of settings. My office, under my desk, my fingertips promising the heaven that was to come, my heady perfume wafting across you, the love I felt emanating at you in waves.

Remember the way i looked at you from across a large meeting room, and made you jealous just by turning to the person next to me and murmuring something inconsequential. And then, for the briefest of seconds, when i turned my gaze upon you and looked at you with all of my Evil Minxiosity, picturing us together in your bed. And you, only able to look back helplessly, longing for me, undressing me with your mind, wishing more than anything that i was lying in your arms, making love to you, body and soul.

Remember walking along the beach, the sun glinting off the sea as it set, the glow surrounding us as if we were teenage lovers experiencing the real thing for the first time. Only holding hands but feeling as if we were completely entwined from head to toe. How we sat in the beachfront restaurant, knee touching knee, unable to keep our hands off each other, looking deep into the others’ eyes and seeing only the promise of love.

Remember the way that you held me in your arms, releasing me only to kiss me all down my body, and how i quivered with delight and pleasure. How you made love to each breast with such care, kissing and sucking, and biting me gently but firmly on the nipple until i gasped with delight. How you kissed my tummy, nuzzling and nibbling as you proceeded further downwards until you reached my inner core. How you sipped hesitantly, teasing and tantalising me, but as you continued, agonizingly slowly, how you revelled in my state of arousal. How you derived such exquisite pleasure from my smell, my juices and my warm inviting sex.

Remember the way i pleasured you – the light bites around the head of your cock, the gentle licking and nuzzling, how i enclosed your penis in my mouth – drawing it down deep into my throat, and then releasing it to concentrate on the head. Tickling around the rim with my tongue and teeth. Enclosing it in the warmth of my mouth before leaving it exposed in the cold for an agonizing second before i ceased tantalising you and start all over again. Drawing you in deep again, and biting down hard on your shaft until it was your turn to gasp in delight. Repeating my actions over and over, teasing you by taking my time, enjoying your ecstatic agony for all it was worth.

Remember the way we moved together in harmony, our bodies entwined as one, as we moved in a synchronized rhythm, each focused on the others’ pleasure, as you drove harder and harder inside of me, as i spiralled up and up into the abyss of pleasure, all the while holding each other tight, as if we never wanted to let go.

Remember it well. Remember me when you look at her. And ask yourself why you haven’t the strength to be happy…

EM xx


9 Responses to “An essential reminder of what you have lost…”

  1. EM, I probably joined late and just missed the back story. But were you dating Michelle while he was married or separated or…?

    Pretty steamy stuff. I, too, am in love with a married man and wonder why people pass up opportunities for happiness and, instead, return to unfulfilling relationships because it’s safe.

    It sounds as though you work with Michelle – how do you deal with seeing him there?

  2. EM – You have surpassed yourself this time…

    Ochemma *from a cold shower*

  3. Evil Minx Says:

    OK, Pink, here’s the very short version of a very long and complicated story: Michelle and i work for the same company, me where I am, him in the UK. He was in our office on a course and our eyes met and it was… unbelievable chemistry/love at first sight/something very special. We met up for a drink, which ended in a very passionate kiss, and the next day he returned home. He was happily married, me less so, but we both felt that something extraordinary had happened to both of us, and we started emailing, then msn-ing and eventually we created a joint blog where we posted thoughts, feelings, poems, fantasies, appropriate songs and so on. The url is, if you go check it out, you’ll see some of the stuff (something very weird happened and not all the stuff is showing up any more). Then came the break-up from hell (which i continue to give him shit about) at which point I posted the last two posts on EGAM, and then started EOTOS. Now i’m moving into the closure-and-moving-on stage, but it will take a while.

    And may I say how much i enjoy reading your blog – you are a very talented writer.

    And Ochemma – you slay me woman! *evil grin*

  4. Evil Minx Says:

    Pink, for some reason EGAM is giving us major issues and we now can’t even see it. Sorry.

    EM xx

  5. LingLing Says:

    wow, what an amazing post! my god you are one talented writer…and i bet he’s going to be missing a lot more of your talents than that!

    damn girl! great post!

  6. Evil Minx Says:

    LingLing – wow. Thank you. That’s one of the best reactions I ever got to a post from somebody who wasn’t Michelle.

    And you’re right, he is missing out on a lot. And he does know it. But it’s all part and parcel of moving on. Which is essential in life, or we all die of inertia.

  7. Michelle Says:

    Hi All.

    Yes, I have tasted the exilier of life, and felt alive with EM. We had some very exotic times, and I will never forget EM or the fun we had, she is very special. She will always be in a very special place in my heart. We are keeping in contact, god only knows why she even answers my MSN, but I’m glad she does. our relationship has now moved from lovers to friends (I hope). We both have so much to overcome to move on, but one thing is certain. EM will NEVER be forgotten.

  8. The Corporal Says:


    I’ve not even a clue about what to say here.

    It feels like I should comment – but I am pretty much speechless.

    You have an incredible way with words. And, aparently, there are other talents. Michelle has made his choice, and is now limited to what he can touch and feel of you through what it is that you write.

    You are truly an Evil Minx…

  9. [Jx] digs the Evil Minx…

    (beautiful stuff dear…truly…)

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