Maybe it’s premature but…

Well, people, Michelle saw my blog.

(Partly because i sent him the URL, and told him to go look, but hey-whatcha gonna do? A message is no good unless it’s delivered.)

Anyway, he saw it, and he has responded to me. And I’m not going to tell you how deliriously happy I am at his answers, because, frankly that would be a big, fat stinkin’ LIE. But i will say that I believe I’m a lot closer to attaining closure and moving on. And that makes me feel good. Because moving on is what life’s all about – things only go wrong when you remain stationary.

Since I’m not a believer in posting things that can turn around and end up biting me in the ass, (which, bearing in mind some of the things I wrote on EGAM, is quite an amusing statement) I’m not going to publish the details of his response here. I will say this, however: I am more at peace now than i have been for a week, since everything went pear-shaped . And, let’s face it, if i can breathe and eat and sleep, then i can look after my kids, and work, and function and deal with my crappy marriage and be a human being again. and if i can do all that, then i can say i really have emerged on the other side.

And if i can do that, then I know that i can survive and be happy again, and enjoy life again… and maybe even continue the fantasy stuff. It was fun writing that, i must admit, and i look forward to my next inspiration. So go (come?) forth and inspire me to fantasize people, but for god’s sake don’t gross me out…

Evil Minx xx


2 Responses to “Maybe it’s premature but…”

  1. LingLing Says:

    yay, EM!
    hey babe, whatever works and can let us live to fight another day!!

    So glad you are in a better place!

    and thanks for your comment on my blog! I responded to you there….the absloution process is quite simple, you’ll see.
    Love, LL

  2. So pleased for you EM, at last…
    Bitterness is the only real enemy..


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