Emerging on the other side

I’m battered, bruised, betrayed and bedraggled.

But dammit, I’m not beaten.

The Evil Minx lives to blog some more.

Right now, I don’t have much to say other than I am emerging on to the other side of hell, from a Force 9 gale wind of a treacherous break-up, previously documented on Evil Grins and More. With the support of good friends and fellow bloggers, and using my own strength, independence and intelligence, I will make it on to the other side, and be a lot happier.

Keep watching this space. There is a lot more to the Evil Minx than blind love. The practice i gained at writing erotic literature has inspired creative yearnings in me, and I feel the need to exercise these yearnings here. Give me a short while, and we’ll be up and running.

Until next time…


9 Responses to “Emerging on the other side”

  1. Minerva Says:

    You GO GIRL!!

  2. Agree with Ms Kettle there…
    GO GET EM!!

    and I couldn’t resist the pun…*giggling*


  3. Evil Minx Says:

    Oh Ochemma – you are just puntastic!

    And Ms Kettle – i published my first post not half an hour ago and already a comment?! *blushing* As a thank you, and because i took a swift peek and i like the Pot/Kettle thing you guys have going on, I’m adding a link to you.

  4. The Corporal Says:

    Good to see you back…

  5. Evil Minx Says:

    Thanks 007. Am getting the warm and fuzzies now…

  6. uh oh..*wink*
    We know what THAT means…*giggle*


  7. Hi, Minx…we’ve all been there. Or somewhere close, as I don’t have enough details on your truly awful break-up yet to speak with any authority! But I’m linked to you and look forward to hearing the story unwind.

  8. Evil Minx Says:

    Ochemma – behave woman!!

    Pink – you can read everything about the love and passion of our affair at Evil grins and more (http://evilgrinsandmore.blogspot.com).
    The last two posts detail the end of the affair. Prior to that are a bunch of posts and comments that celebrate what i was led to believe was true love using prose, poems, songs and sexual fantasies.

    This blog (EOTOS) is the continuation of my life. I really am emerging on the other side.. of sanity, hell, my newly-awoken sense of perception. I don’t plan to revisit the dreadful hurt and betrayal Michelle inflicted on me in this blog, I’d rather try and remain focused on the positive aspects of my life.

    That said, Welcome! I thought your blog was a complete blast and i plan to link to it, as soon as I can get dashboard to work properly..!

  9. Christine Says:

    HELL YEAH!!!

    You and I really have a whole lot of little things (huge learnning opportunities) in common. I’d love to tell you about them – maybe we’ll both learn something.

    Word of advice – don’t wait on those creative yearnings – do not let life get in the way – it will be very important in your life and to your happiness!

    All my best!


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